ESC Model 8240
Alarm Transmitter.

The ESC Model 8240 is one member of a family of alarm signal transmitters. This unit can share any data transmission pathway with any of the Series 8000 High-Security Intrusion Alarm transmitters. At the receiving end, the ESC 8100 Integrated Receiver processes alarm data, supervises the signal channels and serves as the interface to the ESC Event Management Centre (EM Centre) automation package.

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Showing inside from ESC 8240 Fire Sprinkler Transmitter kit


Our Comprehensive Suite of
Field Hardware.

Innovative Design and
Advanced Manufacturing.

All field programming is executed by means of a simple DIP switch at the
time of installation. Communication protocols include RS 232 and TCP/IP.

Inputs are programmable to be
Normally Open (N/O) or Normally
Closed (N/C) and are supervised with
End of Line (EOL) resistors.

Zone 1 input provides the added
feature of selectable delayed
response of 5 sec, 10 sec, or 30 sec. (factory set at 5 seconds).

Inputs are programmable to be either Alarm or Supervisory. This feature will activate the common alarm relay at the ESC 8100 Receiver.

Foreign System Interface will allow for device information from Siemens MXL, IQ, XLS and Secutron MR2100 & 2200 and Notifier 320, 640 & 3030 to transmit to the ESC 8100 Receiver.

The unit provides an Auxiliary Power supply of 12 VDC @ 150 ma. Thirty-minute delay on AC Fail/Brownout.

Ready for Deployment
ESC Bundle.

The ESC solution comes completely
programmed and tested.

Bundled Solution

The 8240 Transmitter, complete with an External Microhard Bullet serial communicator and red metal mounting box, comes fully programmed and ready to mount and test.

Inside of fire alarm transmitter


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