Interactive Fire Alarm
Monitoring Package.

ESC’s EM Centre monitoring software has one major advantage over the competition. The operator is totally interactive with field devices from his EM Centre workstation. All other systems of this type require operator attention to a rack-mounted Receiver in order to download any functional changes to field devices.

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front view of computer showing a blueprint of building with all fire safety checks in place
data router Model 8100 displayed


Model 8100.

Unlike any other alarm signal receiver, ESC’s Model 8100 is, in fact, a data router that not only receives alarm information from the field transmitters, but also transports commands from the EM Centre operator out to these very devices in order to turn on local apparatus such as fire pumps.

Easy to Use Interface
Secure Software Program.

Graphic Imports

Versatile graphic import capabilities.

Remote Control

Remote control of utility functions such as Fire Pumps.

Fire Alarm Panels

Receive detailed Fire Alarm, Supervisory and Trouble zone information from addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels.

Site Graphics

In graphics - Site maps, Hydrant locations, Building floor plans, Shutoffs, Panels.


In-text – HAZMAT information, SOP’s, vehicle assignment, mobile data terminal.


Build on a reliable MS-based SQL Database engine.

Ready for Deployment
EM Bundle.

The ESC solution comes completely
programmed and tested.

Bundled Solution

Upgrade your alarm monitoring and dispatch centre with ESC’s Event Management Software Package.

front view of computer showing a blueprint of building with all fire safety checks in place


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