Our Industries

Solutions that Work
Across Industries.

Originally designed for the Canadian military, we now develop and install custom fire security solutions that meet the unique needs of each industry.

Municipal Building in Toronto

Public Sector

We design, manufacture and customize monitoring systems for public sector buildings across Canada, including municipal, provincial and federal establishments. We also develop systems for urban public transit systems, including the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), which has our transmitters installed in each station.

Military Soldier looking at a computer screen

Military Sector

Our state-of-the-art design and systems, along with our ability to deliver critical custom fire safety and monitoring systems, have made us the provider of choice for a number of projects within the Canadian Armed Forces.

Large industrial block showing the main building from an aerial view

Industrial Sector

Our industry-leading ability to design and install systems to meet the unique needs of specialized industrial sectors, including Canadian mining enterprises, petrochemical facilities, refineries, transportation and rail companies, has established us as a leader in industrial projects.

Security officer looking at security screens monitoring for any activity

Large-Scale Residential Sector

We design, manufacture and install complex fire safety systems for large, multi-unit residential buildings, including condos, apartments and universities. Our capabilities to design for densely populated buildings are second-to-none.

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